“Come to the edge. . . No, we will fall. Come to the edge. . . No, we will fall. They came to the edge. He pushed them, and they flew.” Guillaume Apollinaire

Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of hands-on natural healing and was founded by Mikao Usui. It’s gentle energies help to assist the body in healing itself, re-aligning the Chakras and releasing unwanted blockages ~ working on a subtle energetic and emotional level within the body.

’Rei’ means ’ Universal – All Around Us’
‘Ki’ means ‘Life-Force/Spiritual Energy’

‘Ki’ is the Japanese term for our subtle life force energy which flows through our Meridian Lines in the subtle body. Reiki healing is channelled through the Reiki Practitioner and transmitted to the client through the palms of the hands. The body wisdom will draw exactly what it needs and the Reiki healing will flow to where it’s needed the most at that moment in time ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ~ on all levels of our being and existence.

Harshani is a Reiki Master Teacher and feels privileged to  have worked with the natural Usui Reiki Ryoho method of healing since originally training back in 1998.
She is a professional member of the UK Reiki Federation and Complementary Natural Healthcare Council as an approved Reiki Master Teacher and has been teaching Reiki courses to many students since 2008.


Supports Healing and Recovery


Releases Stress and Anxiety


Aids Sleep and Relaxation


Calms Nervous System


Balances the Chakras


Strengthens the Aura


Increase Wellbeing

Find & Maintain your Balance

About Reiki Treatments

The treatments are deeply relaxing and very effective for stress relief, anxiety or emotional traumas, alongside all aspects of healing, helping to promote balance and a sense of well-being.

Reiki allows your body to relax completely and deeply, enabling the body to self-heal which is extremely effective for stress ~ physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

The experience of Reiki energy flow can differ from person to person, depending on what they need at that given time. During a Reiki healing energy treatment you may experience some or all of the following:~ awareness of colours or shapes/shadows/images; tingling sensations of the energy flow; intense warmth or coolness; the body twitching slightly to release unwanted energy blocks; a feeling of floating/levitating; or you may just drift off into a very deep sleep. The body will always draw upon whatever is needed at that moment in time for your wellbeing. The treatment is totally in-obtrusive (fully clothed).

 So whether you wish to simply deeply relax; re-align your personal energy flow or are feeling out of balance ~ then Reiki is for you!

 Reiki Master Teacher, Harshani offers 1 hour Reiki Healing Treatments for private clients and Reiki training workshop weekends in the tranquil garden setting of Islip, Northamptonshire.


1 Hour Reiki Treatment £45

Course of 4 Reiki Treatments £152
(saving £28 and valid for 6 months period)



What Clients Share

“ I have been going to Harshani for a number of years now for Reiki and can honestly say it’s one of the most relaxing, uplifting and beautiful experiences you can ever imagine. Harshani is a very gifted and special lady who makes you feel very at ease and creates a very tranquil environment in which to have a treatment. I could honestly not recommend her highly enough” ~ Kate, Brigstock

“Reiki with Harshani ~ Relaxing, Rejuvinating, Refreshing, Recharging ~ Recommended!” ~ Jon, Peterborough

“I have Reiki Healing with Harshani and I have found it a totally relaxing experience in an idyllic and peaceful setting. Harshani is a very special person, she is someone that inspires me. I feel so much better in myself and how I see life ~ I would recommend her 100%” ~ Keren, Oundle

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