Sound Therapy Treatments

 The gong is very simple. It is an inter-vibratory system. It is the sound of creation itself. Nothing more, nothing less. One who plays the gong plays the universe. The gong is not an ordinary thing to play. Out of it came all music, all sounds, and all words. The sound of the gong is the nucleus of the word” ~ by Yogi Bhajan Ph.D. 

Sound Therapy treatments are 1 Hour appointments and personalised to suit the individual ~ working intuitively to sense what the body is needing through the sound. 
Every Sound Therapy Treatment will always include an initial consultation upon arrival and finish with silence and integration of the treatment to ensure plenty of time for grounding to complete and seal the energy flow. 

Our Octave Monochord sound therapy bed, is a highly specialised instrument which you lie down on to receive the treatment.
Underneath the Monochord bed are 30 overtone strings and 30 bass strings, tuned to ‘D’ the Sacral Chakra (Hara) ~ which brings the fullness of our being into harmony through the sound being played through the bed. These strings are like that of a harp instrument, and when they are played underneath the body, the powerful healing sounds resonate through the physical body, aiding the body to replenish itself to its natural cellular vibration and flow. It is a profoundly relaxing experience.

What to expect
You will be invited to lie down on the Octave Monochord Sound therapy bed and made comfortable and warm. The treatment is free of any conversation chat, so you can drop deeply into the sound ~ no thinking required ~ some people even fall asleep it’s so relaxing.  You can simply close your eyes, relax and drop deeply into the sound meditation experience throughout.
Some of the sounds you may experience are:

* Monochord Overtones ~ (played through the body from beneath the sound bed)

* Healing Drumming ~ (to ground and centre)

* Tibetan Singing Bowls ~ (sounded in the Aura and sometimes placed directly on the body)

* Tuning Forks ~ (sounded in the Aura and sometimes placed directly on the body)

* Gong ~ (as and when appropriate)

* Sound Voice Toning ~ (primordial sounds and mantras toning the body)

Every Sound Treatment will be different, according to what the body might be needing each time you visit ~ so this is tailored to you and what is intuitively beneficial.

Sound Therapy Sessions Fees

£60 = 1 Hour appointment for Sound Therapy Treatment 
It is always beneficial to have more than one session so . . . 

To book a Course of 4 x 1 Hour Sound Therapy sessions = £200  (saving £40 and valid for 6 months from the 1st session)

Regular sessions or a course of treatments are highly recommended for our self-care maintenance ~ supporting us through our mental, physical, emotional, spiritual wellbeing and flow.

Working therapeutically with sound and vibration on specific issues is a very powerful tool and should only be delivered by a trained and qualified Sound Therapist Practitioner. 
Thanks and gratitude to all whom have deepened our personal sound healing wisdom along the way ~ for your support, studys and guidance . . . Ammaprema Grace, Anne Malone of Oasis of Sound; Michele Averard and Nestor Kornblum of Harmonic Sounds; Sarah Gregg of Reiki Drum; Sheila Whittaker (College of Sound Healing) and Blu Cottam of Rainbow Resonance.
Sound therapy can used successfully on its own or also combined with other holistic treatment methods.

These can be booked directly with either Edwin or Harshani

Sacred Sound Journey Evenings ~ for groups

Monthly group Sacred Sound Journey Evenings are held locally at various venues.
Please check out our events page for booking 

Corporate, companies, social groups . . . we are open to discuss bringing Sacred Sound Journeys or a Gong Bath Immersion to companies and private events ~ these are ideal for wellbeing at work and special experience days/afternoons.

Please get in touch to find out more.


What Clients Share

“I’ve seen Edd Curbishley a few times over the past few months for voice healing treatments and the experience has been amazing, a truly beautiful experience; very relaxing and grounding and quite otherworldly. Edd creates a warm, comfortable, cosy and friendly space for the treatment. The different sounds Edd makes are extraordinary and have certainly helped to realign me. Having previously had spinal surgery, I do experience discomfort in my neck and spine and found Edd’s voice treatments reduced this discomfort and left me feeling calm, balanced energetically, emotionally, and mentally, like a reset, feeling lighter and brighter. I’m very grateful to Edd for the wonderful experience. I would highly recommend a treatment to my friends and family.
Truly Grateful”
Coral 🙏

“I suffer with severe anxiety, tension headaches and bouts of insomnia for which I am receiving medication through my GP, I wanted to explore holistic treatments to assist with my recovery and well-being.

I absolutely recommend voice sound healing treatments with Edd.

Edd worked with me finding out about me and tailoring the treatment to assist with what I need. For me my energy is all in my head so he adapted what he would normally do and worked head to toe. I do not understand why it works and honestly I don’t care. What is important to me is that it works, I could feel my head noise / energy leaving my head. I feel relaxed and calm after the treatments, it really does compliment what my GP is doing and eases what can only be described as a rather challenging time in my life.

Thank you Edd you really have assisted my recovery.” ~ Judy

       “In the middle of beautiful Northamptonshire countryside I found a little haven of peace. Tucked away at the bottom of a magical garden, a winding path lit with atmospheric lights, is Edd’s Sound Therapy cabin. The scent of the wooden cabin itself is instantly comforting and as I look around me I take in an array of beautiful sound therapy instruments. Amazing gongs, sound bowls, drums and the item I’ve come specifically to experience – The Octave Monochord Couch.
At first glance it looks like a normal therapy couch but I quickly notice some key differences. Underneath the wooden frame are 60 strings, which when played, Edd explains, will resonate up through the couch in to my body creating a deep sense of relaxation and healing.  I have experienced sound therapy before, using gongs and sound bowls and I have found them very relaxing so I’m keen to get settled and experience this special couch. Edd introduces me to all the instruments he will be using, checking my comfort levels with the different sounds and explaining how the session will go. He is extremely passionate about sound as a therapy and his love of the instruments he uses is clear to see.  We start with some gentle drumming on a drum of Edd’s own making. There is something so primal about it it’s like a coming home. I feel myself relaxing my muscles one by one, my breathing deepens as I sink back in to the couch.  The first note of the Octave Monochord Couch is truly surprising! The sound is like a mid toned harp, very soothing, but the real experience is in the sound resonating up through the couch itself. I can feel the vibration moving through my body like gentle waves. It’s incredibly soft and subtle but profound at the same time. And with it comes an intense feeling of relaxation.  I honestly can’t tell you how long I was there, I was so deeply relaxed I could have been there for an hour, a day, or even a week! Time stood still as the sound washed over me.  At the end of the session Edd gently suggested I wiggle my fingers and toes before I slowly sat up, which I was very grateful for as by this point I was so relaxed I’d forgotten I had a body!  Walking home it felt like I’d had a reset, a relaxation so deep that I felt truly refreshed and restored. If you’ve experienced sound therapy before then you’ll love the Octave Monochord couch – it really takes the experience to another level, like you are inside the sound itself, rather than the sound building around you.  If you’ve never experienced sound therapy before I would highly recommend giving it a go – it is an experience like no other.
Edd is incredibly knowledgeable and is sure to put you at ease.” ~ Caroline


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