Sound Healing

Sound creates vibration & has a profound effect on our Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual health

So, what is Sound Therapy?

Science is finally catching up on what our ancestors already knew, that our mind, body and spirit experience healing through sound and vibration.

The use of sound as a therapy is now regarded as an alternative method to create holistic wellbeing. Once only used in ancient cultures many are experiencing the benefits of sound therapy in today’s modern world.

The very first sound and vibration we ever experience is that of our Mothers heartbeat. It shouldn’t therefore be a surprise that sound has such a profound effect on our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual health and wellbeing.

Sound healing is sensitively tuned to support our bodies ability to begin to return back into a natural healthy state of being. Sound vibrations move through our bodies to where it’s needed the most. Our Vagus nerve is toned, supporting our Parasympathetic nervous system, aiding our natural relaxation response which in turn supports healing and helps to re-set our bodies to safely release negative effects of stress and stress hormones that build up and get stored over time.

Anyone can benefit from receiving Sound Therapy treatments, as they induce a deeply profound relaxation ~ as if pressing a re-set button to help us feel re-charged, refreshed and replenished in many different ways. The sound and vibration can drop us into different levels of consciousness, inducing deeply relaxing natural Delta waves and healing Theta Waves in the brain. The sensation in the body can often experience the sounds like waves flowing through you.

Based in Northamptonshire, near Kettering for Sound Therapy, Sound Healing and Sound Bath/Gong Bath sessions.

Research shows how Sound Healing can help to:


Reduce Stress/Tension


Support Healthy Sleep


Increase ability to Mentally Relax


Lower Blood Pressure


Balance Nervous System


Assist Healing & Recovery


Reduce Pain


Boost overall Health & Wellbeing

We invite you to play the video below to experience the sounds of the Monochord Sound Bed…

Soothe Your Body & Spirit

Sound Healing Treatments

Whether you wish to experience the immersive sound and vibration of a gong bath, or experience the deep relaxation and balance of a sound journey or reiki drumming or personalised sound therapy session to address pain or discomfort.

Mind and Body Wellbeing offers all forms of sound healing at our private therapy rooms in the Northamptonshire countryside for private sessions or couples and also available for groups.

“In the attitude of silence, the soul finds the path in a clearer light and what is elusive and deceptive resolves itself into crystal clearness” Ghandi


What Clients Share

“I had a voice sound healing treatment with Edd and it was amazing, I didn’t know what to expect, but I instantly felt so relaxed, I went very deep into relaxation and felt so good afterwards, I felt at peace, and a very clear mind.
I had the best nights sleep ever after the treatment, I highly recommend this treatment, I found the experience very similar to reiki with the same benefits, in fact I think I went into a deeper relaxation with this treatment, I would definitely have another treatment and highly recommend Edd.”  ~ Sharon

“This morning I experienced a Sound Therapy Treatment with Edd, and I would highly recommend for anyone seeking to improve their health and wellbeing and I would imagine particularly beneficial for anyone experiencing high stress levels.

It is a unique experience where you will drift off into a deep state of relaxation within minutes. The vibrations of the string on the bed both feel and sound amazing and the use of a Tibetan bowl on my abdomen  was a wonderful feeling. As someone who stores a lot of emotions in my abdomen, I found this quite a profound experience. I have not felt such strong energy and so grounded since doing a 5 day meditation years ago! It knocked me out (in a good way) and I was so relaxed last night I felt amazing after so long of feeling exhausted. Thank you so much for the treatment. I’ll definitely be coming back!” ~ Kelly

 “…If you’ve experienced sound therapy before then you’ll love the Octave Monochord couch – it really takes the experience to another level, like you are inside the sound itself, rather than the sound building around you.

If you’ve never experienced sound therapy before I would highly recommend giving it a go –
it is an experience like no other. Edd is incredibly knowledgeable and is sure to put you at ease.” ~ Caroline

“Sound Therapy Treatment with Edd …..

I was transported out of time and space as the drum, rattle and gong each invoked hints of ancient times and memories. The sound of the Monochord Treatment bed that I was laying on was strangely familiar yet like nothing  I had heard before.

 As I felt the vibrations and energy move through my body, my mind stilled and I went deeper and deeper into complete relaxation. Words cannot do this justice – WOW.” ~ Sarah

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